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How To Win

Ever wonder how a guy can play golf every day for 40 years and yet not be able to break 90? That's because practice doesn't make perfect. If you keep repeating the same mistakes over and over, you will never truly get better. How many play ranked to get better? I'd argue very few actually do, even though there are many different ways to improve your play in soloq until you reach a certain subjective point. Once that point is reached, other means become necessary if you want to continue to take your game to a higher level. But there's that word again, "higher level", "get better", maybe even competitive. How many people play soloq with those ambitions, those goals, in mind? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EB5-yJM3vJc For those of you that have those ambitions in mind, this is for you all. For...

Opinion: LoL teams should employ sport psychologists, athletic trainers

I've used google and I've browsed through the search function of the LoL reddit, with no real information on whether or not teams already employ people such as sport psychologists, athletic trainers, or nutritionists. Out of all the links I have gone through, only one, from TCM-Gaming, was looking for a coach with that sort of background as a bonus, but with no real emphasis on it specifically. I'll say right now I'm an athletic trainer, as well as a former pitching coach who has won a state tournament at a 19 and under level (a sort of Legion B-team for those familiar with the sport), so I'm definitely biased towards the opinion of a team needing someone with a medical background with an emphasis in sports. However, I feel that the western teams could really get a...

For Love of the Game

My goal in writing this is to show my experiences with this game and the love I've had for it. I hope I'm able to do some justice to the memories and emotions that I have in my head. If anyone from back then, or who has a rich history with the game feels like they want to chime in, I'd love to include their story here as a sort of archive, such as "For Love of the Game part 2, 3" so on and so forth. Or perhaps you would be more comfortable releasing your own story away from this one, that is fine as well. I'm in a position I don't think many people in here have a chance to be in. I've been playing Starcraft, off and on, for over fifteen years now. I...

puCK’s thoughts on IEM Sao Paulo and Plans for the Future.

puck IvD

I recently had the chance to talk to puCK about his games at the Sao Paulo Intel Extreme Masters

Q: Your group was pretty stacked, what were your thoughts when you played the group stages?

puCK:  My initial thoughts of my group were death. I'm really bad against Terran and having possibly two of the best Terrans in the world really hurt my confidence. I didn't really have much time to prepare due to having a LAN the week before and many other events, such as WCS, Game On, and a LAN in Minneapolis.

Q: So how did you feel when you were actually playing the games?

puCK: I felt very calm right before all my games and I...

Interview with Apoc after ASUS ROG Winter 2014

asusapoc Apoc just finished up a brilliant round of 8 run at ASUS ROG Winter 2014 taking down players such as Patience, Welmu, and elfi. To date this is his best finish and we (nor him) could possibly be prouder. It’s been a long road getting this far and both he and IvD have a long way to go but as always, we are extremely excited for the future and that moment when Apoc becomes the Champion he has worked so hard to become. It has been one of the best experiences of my life getting to know Apoc as well as all my other players and everyone who came on board IvD since its inception. I wouldn’t trade...